Celebrating 30 years of Endless Possibilities
When we first started Bramble over 30 years ago, it began as a life-long fascination for antiques and their inherent uniqueness.

When you look at any antique, there’s an undeniable authenticity there. No one piece is like any other. Every table, chair, or bed tells a different story—one that reflects the way it was made and the people that have used it over the years.

Robert Bramble
It was this passion that drew us across the world to Indonesia, a treasure trove of natural woods and expert craftsmen. At first, we were simply curators of goods, occasionally working with local suppliers to manufacture our designs for us.

The challenge with this, we quickly learned, was that we could only be as consistently good as our supply chain. This lesson forced us to take matters (quite literally) into our own hands.

The very first pieces of Bramble furniture were designed, finished, and assembled in a narrow space cut out of our garage.

It wasn’t the most glamorous of beginnings admittedly, but we were finally able to make a product that reflected our vision. It’s the same vision that drives our designs today.
The passion and commitment to create truly unique pieces with a level of quality that go above and beyond what is expected and will only get better with age.

This is what we do at Bramble. We create one-of-a-kind pieces, each with its unique soul and story.

Combining the best modern and traditional production methods - the result is a one of a kind product that will only get better with age.


"Any Item. Any Finish. Endless Possibilities." Custom finishing has always been an integral part of our philosophy, and has become synonymous with the Bramble name today.

Each piece is painted, stained, and distressed by human hands. The hand-made process is extremely labor-intensive but allows us to achieve a level of uniqueness that is inherently human.

It tells the story of our customers; and the carpenters, finishers, and carvers involved in crafting each piece.

With that being said, we asked a couple of our customers who have been with us since our early days if they would share their stories here.


    We are incredibly proud to offer our customers a freedom of design that is unparalleled in the industry. There are few who do it as well as Dale at Cottage by the Sea.

    Cottage by the Sea began our journey with Bramble over 20 years ago. My partner and I fell in love with the Bramble product during a visit to their showroom at the Atlanta Furniture market.

    We loved that Bramble had no minimum quantity requirements, as this allowed us to start out by placing small orders. Our Jacksonville customers just could not get enough product and soon we were introduced to the Container Program.

    Our container orders let us mix and match 100 pieces at a time in dozens of different colors and styles, all at a very competitive price point! We went from 3 containers per year to 12 very quickly. And our customers can custom order their items and receive them in 90 days!

    I am pleased with how smoothly and efficiently the container process runs. Every month when our container arrives, we have a huge sale in our backyard and the product flies out the door!

    Our customers’ interest in Bramble Furniture has never declined. We continue to sell more Bramble products than any other vendor we carry. On top of that, the quality and customer service I get is outstanding, and I feel like I am a part of the Bramble family.

  • We have been customers of Bramble for over 15 years. Bramble has allowed us to offer each of our clients a unique experience. We introduce all of our customers to the brand–in particular how the furniture upholds solid craftsmanship, real wood, and the opportunity to make each element unique and truly their own.

    Customization is not just limited to different finishes. At our store, we change trim colors, alternate interior finishes, add hand-painted artwork, or swap out glass for chicken wire and vice versa. This really allows us the flexibility of never having two items be the same.

    Bramble is our number one resource for our Interior Designers, and every home install is completed with Bramble. We have built a great reputation through our partnership with Bramble. Over the years, we have created a community of customers who have become Bramble loyalists, including multi-generational families.

    One of the families we work with purchased Bramble for their dining room. Now that their daughter is purchasing her first home, they’ve come to us yet again because they want their daughter to have Bramble as well.

    With the help of Bramble, we’ve been able to give our customer a lifetime of completing their rooms and making their house a home.

Bramble furniture tells the story of each individual’s personal touch as each piece is crafted by hand. Similarly, Bramble’s story would not at all be possible without our employees.

We thought it would be a wonderful time for you to get to know some familiar faces from both sides of the ocean.


I joined Bramble on May 4, 1996. At the time, I started as a distributor of goods into finishing. Now I manage and oversee all operations in our privately-owned factory in Indonesia.

Robert Bramble and myself are very involved in the process from start to finish, having worked my way up through many of the roles myself. Even though we have a large team of over 1000 employees, I make sure that I know each and every person’s name and responsibilities.

In the 24 years since I joined Bramble, there have inevitably been both difficult and prosperous times. As a company, I think we have learned a lot from these difficult times. Through teamwork and hard work we have learned how to be a better company to our customers and to our employees.

What has impressed me personally, is that I’ve never asked for a salary review or benefits to my employer. Instead he has always shown understanding and fairly compensated my worth to the company. I’m glad to be able to say that I feel less like an employee and more like a brother at Bramble.


I’ve been with Bramble for 17 years now. In 2003, I started working part-time for Bramble filing and faxing documents. From there, my position has changed from customer service to handling custom orders for many years.

After working through many of the positions in our office, I am currently serving as the Operations Manager in the States. I have always enjoyed working in a family-based atmosphere in the office where hard work and loyalty is valued.

We extend the same attitude to all of our customers, many of whom have become great friends over the years. I love Bramble furniture as much as making our customers happy so that makes it very easy to sell!


Since we started in 1991, we have:


While we can never forget the importance of our roots, as we celebrate our 30th anniversary we are excited for what’s to come.

As businesses all over the world faced uncertainty last year, at Bramble we saw it as a meaningful opportunity for growth and innovation.

It’s our promise to you as a Bramble customer that we will always continue to look for ways to improve, optimize, and enhance every facet of our business. It’s the least that we owe you.

Our latest offerings are a collaborative effort between Stephanie Bramble and myself. Between the two of us, we have added a new level of depth and versatility to our design while maintaining pristine quality and value.

We’ve added a sweeping range of new styles, from our fully modular upholstered collections to Steven Shell’s sleek and sophisticated silhouettes. It’s our goal to make it even simpler to shop for any home from one location.

To that end, we are continuously updating and improving our website to make things easier for you. It’s a powerful tool that will allow you to save on promotions, check live status on in-stock items, and render your products in select finishes.

In the latest news, we have moved into our biggest showrooms yet in High Point and Atlanta, where the response has been absolutely phenomenal. We look forward to many more moments to celebrate this year and hope to see you in one of our showrooms!